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Web Development Training

Web Designing is the process of gathering ideas, and beautifully arranging and implementing them, guided by certain principles for a specific purpose

Elements of Web Design

  • • Layout: This is the way graphics, ads and text are arranged. In the web world, a key goal is to help the view find the data they look for at a glance. This includes maintaining the balance, uniformity, and honesty of the design.
  • • Color: The choice of colors depends on the purpose and business; it could be simple black-and-white to multi-colored design, assigning the personality of a person or the brand of an organization, using web-safe colors.
  • • Graphics: Graphics can include logos, photos, clipart or icons, all of which improve the web design. For user friendliness, these need to be placed suitably, working with the color and content of the web page, while not making it too choked or slow to load.
  • • Fonts: The use of numerous fonts can improve a website design. Most web browsers can only read a select number of fonts, known as "web-safe fonts", so your designer will work within this widely recognized group.
  • • Content: Content and design can work together to improve the message of the site through visuals and text. Written text should always be related and useful, so as not to confuse the reader and to give them what they want so they will remain on the site. Content should be optimized for search engines and be of a suitable length, combining relevant keywords

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