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Software Testing Training

Software testing can be well-defined as the action for examination if the real result or output of product matches with the predictable or expected output (of your client) and testing also confirms that the product is free from any defect or bug

Manual Testing

In the manual testing, the testing of software is done manually, deprived use of automated tool or submissions available in the market. In this form of testing, software tester tests or checks for bugs like the end-user and checks the project for recognizing any uneven behavior or bugs in it. Various phases are there for testing a project manually. These are:

  • • unit testing
  • • integration testing
  • • system testing and
  • • user acceptance testing

Automation Testing

In automation testing also termed as Software Test Automation, the software tester has to write unlike scripts and applies other 3rd party software for testing the software. Automation testing involves the manual process done automatically. It’s implemented for re-running the test situations and states which were done manually and at the same time with a fast pace and frequently performed as to check whether any error is left behind or not from the previous test. This type of testing also deals with checking of load, performance stats, CPU and memory usage and such type of activities as well. Automation testing is more helpful than manual testing as it avoids tester’s time and money.

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Software Testing is very much needful for the development to fix the bugs in the application

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