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Rich Internet Application Training

What are Rich Internet applications (RIA)?
These are Web-based applications that have some features of graphical desktop applications. Built with controlling development tools, RIAs can run faster and be more attractive. They can offer users a better visual involvement and more interactivity than old-style browser applications that use only HTML and HTTP.

RIA Characteristics

There Are number of key features distinguish RIAs from old-style Web applications.

  • Direct interaction: In an old-style page-based Web application, interaction is limited to a small group of standard controls: checkboxes, radio buttons and form fields. This strictly obstructs the creation of usable and likeable applications. An RIA can use a wider range of controls that allow greater effectiveness and enhance the user experience. In RIAs, for sample, users can interact directly with page elements through editing or drag-and-drop tools. They can also do things like pan across a map or other image.
  • Limited-page updating: Standard HTML-based Web pages are loaded once. If you update something on a page, the change must be sent back to the server, which makes the changes and then resends the entire page. There's no other way to do it with HTTP and HTML. With old-style Web-based apps, network connectivity issues, processing limitations and other problems require users to wait while the entire page refills. Even with broadband connections, wait times can be long and troublesome.

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