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Python Training

Python is object-oriented programming language with high-level programming capabilities. It has become famous because of its clear and easily understandable syntax, movability and easy to learn.

Features and Characteristics of Python

  • • Interpreted Language: Python is processed at runtime by Python Interpreter.
  • • Object-Oriented Language: It supports object-oriented features and techniques of programming.
  • • Interactive Programming Language: Users can interact with the python interpreter directly for writing programs.
  • • Easy language: Python is easy to learn language especially for beginners.

  • • Straightforward Syntax: The formation of python syntax is simple and straightforward which also makes it popular.
  • • Easy to read: Python source-code is clearly defined and visible to the eyes.
  • • Portable: Python codes can run on a wide variety of hardware platforms having the same interface.
  • • Extendable: Users can add low level-modules to Python interpreter.
  • • Scalable: Python provides an improved structure for supporting large programs then shell-scripts

Features of the course

Python is used to create web and desktop applications, some of the most popular web applications like YouTube, Instagram, Spotify all has been developed in Python, and you can also develop other things by using Python.

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