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Data Analyst Training

Data analyst is someone who collects, processes and performs statistical analyses of data. He can translate numbers and data into plain English in order to help organizations and companies understand how to make better business decisions.
Whether it be market research, logistics, sales figures, or transportation costs, every business collects data. A data analyst will take the data and figure out a variety of things, such as how to price new materials, how to reduce transportation costs, or how to deal with issues that cost the company money.

Data analysts have the following responsibilities:

  • • Working with technology teams, management and data scientists to set goals
  • • Mining data from primary and secondary sources
  • • Cleaning and dissecting data to get rid of irrelevant information
  • • Providing data reports for management
  • • Designing, creating and maintaining databases and data systems
  • • Fixing code problems and data-related issues
  • • Analyzing and interpreting results using statistical tools and techniques
  • • Pinpointing trends and patterns in data sets
  • • Identifying new opportunities for process improvement

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Data analysts has a very good future scope of getting job in MNC for their projections.

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