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Cloud Computing Course

Cloud computing is the latest generation technology with an IT infrastructure that provides us means by which we can use and utilize the applications as utilities through the internet.

Advantages of Cloud

  • • Storage capacity: The Cloud storage capacity is unlimited and generally offers a wide storage capacity of 2000-3000 GBs or based on the requirement.
  • • Low cost in IT infrastructure: The investment will be less if an organization uses Cloud technology; even the IT staffs and server engineers are also not required.
  • • Increase computing power: Cloud servers have very high-capacity of running and processing tasks as well as the processing of applications.
  • • Reduce Software Costs: Cloud minimizes the software costs as users don’t need to purchase software for organizations or for every computer.
  • • Low Cost: To run cloud technology, users don’t require high power computer & technology because the application will run on cloud and not on users system.
  • • Updating: Instant software update is possible and users don’t have to face choice problem between obsolete and high-upgrade software.

Features of the course

With cloud computing technology all the data are stored in the cloud hence you can have backup of the datas

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